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Precautions for the insulation pot
- Sep 25, 2018 -

1. Do not use in microwave ovens.

2, the insulation pot is a high-vacuum insulation product, the holding time is longer, when drinking hot drinks, should pay attention to avoid burns, it is recommended to pour into other utensils and other suitable temperature to drink.

3, high vacuum insulation products should not be filled with dry ice, carbonated drinks and other high pressure liquids, do not add strong acid, strong alkali liquid to avoid corrosion of the inner wall of the container.

4. In order to minimize the formation of bacteria, please do not use hot pot to store hot milk or baby food.

5, please avoid any form of direct heating or placed at high temperatures, so as not to cause deformation of the product and affect the use.

6, please avoid falling, collision or strong impact, otherwise it will cause product deformation affect the use of efficacy.