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Thermos related knowledge
- Sep 25, 2018 -

The heat preservation cup is generally a water-filled container made of ceramic or stainless steel plus a vacuum layer. The top is covered and the seal is tight. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of the liquid such as water contained inside to achieve the purpose of heat preservation.

There are many layers in the production cup, and the interlayer is generally vacuum to prevent heat conduction! It is then plated with silver to prevent heat radiation, and some have cork stoppers on the lid to prevent heat transfer.

Maintenance method: Avoid collision and impact during use, so as not to damage the cup or plastic, causing insulation failure or water leakage. When tightening the screw plug, the force should be appropriate. Do not over-rotate to avoid the screw buckle failure. When drinking coffee, tea or beverages regularly, the liner will change color. This is normal. Use a toothpaste to remove the toothbrush.