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Vacuum cup making tea
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Vacuum cup making tea are mostly insulated by airtightness. Due to the structure of the tea itself, it will be fermented in a closed state. The tea after fermentation will produce some harmful substances.

Tea is rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals. It is a natural health drink, which contains tea polyphenols, caffeine, tannins, tea pigments, etc., and has a variety of pharmacological effects, tea Soaking in high temperature water for a long time, just like boiling on a hot fire, tea polyphenols, tannins and other substances will be leached in a large amount, making the tea color thick and bitter.

Nutrients such as vitamin C are destroyed when the water temperature exceeds 80 ° C. Long-term high temperature soaking will cause excessive loss, thereby reducing the health function of the tea.

At the same time, due to the high water temperature, the aromatic oil in the tea will quickly evaporate a lot, and the tannic acid and theophylline will ooze a lot, which not only reduces the nutritional value of the tea, reduces the tea fragrance, but also increases the harmful substances. If you drink this tea for a long time, it will endanger your health and lead to many diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular, neurological and hematopoietic systems.