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Vacuum wide mouth pot material
- Sep 25, 2018 -

The vacuum wide mouth pot body is made of stainless steel material and accessories for food grade PP material. The product is safe and hygienic and environmentally friendly. The pot body is made of double stainless steel structure, no tail high vacuum brazing technology, and the inner shell of the inner tank increases the copper plating process to make the heat preservation effect. Better, the heat preservation life is more than 8 years; Large-diameter, large-capacity design, food and drink can be loaded; The body shell adopts advanced spraying technology to make the appearance of the product smooth and delicate, and it does not stick to the handwriting, and selects high-quality stainless steel and food. Made of grade PP material, the product is safe and hygienic. It adopts double-layer processing technology and tailless welding technology to increase the moisturizing effect while increasing the water capacity of the cup.

The cup body is treated with advanced technology, and the surface is delicate and smooth, and it is not sticky.

The inner and outer cover structure of the color is good in moisture retention and safe to use, and is suitable for carrying out.