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What is the role of sports bottles?
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Compared with other water appliances, sports water bottles have become the basic configuration of outdoor enthusiasts due to their durability, safety, reliability, and insurance, and can be selected according to personal preferences. The development and continuous growth of the sports bottle in the country is increasing year by year.

Features: Durable: special flexible internal coating that never falls off;

Hygiene: Food-grade water-based non-toxic inner coating, no odor, no odor;

Material: high quality aluminum, one-shot, uniform bottle, durable;

Leakproof: seamless structure, spiral bottle mouth, extended rib, completely leak-proof;

Exquisite: Universal compatibility of the outer coating, the color is smooth and natural;

Fashion: professional designers continue to introduce fashionable fashion models;

Environmental protection: Health, safety, 100% recyclable.

Easy to carry when traveling.