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Glass Requirements For The Process
- Sep 25, 2018 -

1, on the color, Jinhua glass gift manufacturers require no significant coloring.

2. Regarding the Tongming Knot, the 1/3 of the cup body is not allowed to exist; the granules are not clear, the length is not more than 0.5mm, no more than one.

3, the thickness of the cup is thin, not more than 0.5~0.8mm. The cup is rugged, and the flat view is not allowed to appear.

4, cup body sucking: refers to the glass cup is rugged, Jinhua glass gift manufacturers are not allowed to look at the flat.

5, cup body bump error (cup body bump deflection): the height difference between the height and the height of a glass cup is not more than 1.0 ~ 1.5mm.

6, rubbing and scratching: rubbing refers to the conflict between the glass and the diameter of the cup, leaving a trace of tarnishing in the cup, looking at the significant Jinhua glass gift manufacturers are not allowed, scratching refers to each other between the cups Bump, the scars left on the outside of the cup are not allowed to shine.

6. Shear printing: refers to stripe or braided shear marks, the length is not more than 20~25mm, the width is not more than 2.0mm, no more than one, beyond the bottom of the cup, or whitening, more than 3mm Jinhua glass gift manufacturers Not allowed.

7. Mold printing: The cup body is a looming print of the record texture, and the flat view is not allowed.