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The Product Of The Development Of Stainless Steel Sports Bottle Technology
- Sep 25, 2018 -

The ever-changing development of science and technology has promoted the upgrading of various products. We say that this product of sports bottle has seen plastic sports bottle, silicone sports bottle, aluminum sports bottle and other products from the market, but in today's sports pot market. It is not common anymore. The most common one is stainless steel sports bottle. The production technology of stainless steel sports bottle is higher than other products. Secondly, the cost performance of the product is high. Finally, the stainless steel sports bottle product is safe and harmful to human body. Material, durable and heat resistant.

Plastic sports bottle - no harmful materials, no harmful materials in case of unqualified materials;

Aluminum sports bottle - heat conduction is too fast to install hot water, can not pick up, also installed cold water after too cold can not pick up, aluminum products are too soft and easy to bump out of the pit, aluminum intake will be too much The human body causes damage.

Silicone sports bottle - the material is too soft, need two hands to solve when there is less water.