Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Thermos Flask

Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Thermos Flask

* Double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated * Two color spray painting on the bottle, including the cap * Customized design available, water transfer, gas transfer printing.

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Product Details

                     The Mouth 

This bottle have a big mouth.great for drink cold water,hot coffee,pour ice cube,easy for can see the welding is very smooth and bright.



Inner Lids is food grade PP plastic with food safe silicone loops. outer is #304 stainless steel material.durable for use.


Bottom parts  

Bottom with a silver sticker to protect the vacuum can print you logo or some worlds on the bottom.




                          Cap and body match

The body and lid matched very well,leak-proof when you carry it or put it into your bag.


  • Vacuum Insulation Technology - This  tumbler has a double walled exterior with a vacuum between the walls.This means your drink has no medium for the heat or cold to transfer through. Your beverage will truly stay as hot or cold as long as possible. Even filled with ice or boiling water, the bottle will never sweat or get hot to the touch!

  • Premium Copper Coated Insulation - The exterior of the inner wall, in the vacuum sealed area, has been dipped in copper for added insulation. Copper reduces the transfer of temperature, adding even more insulation to your bottle.

  • 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel - We use only the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel for our bottles. Stainless steel is rust, corrosion and stain resistant making it the perfect material for our products. It never imparts any flavors from drinks past making it enjoyable to drink from daily.

  • Durable Powder Coating - Enjoy the protection and color that rugged powder coating adds to the bottle. The powder coating is sleek and durable, making it the perfect travel companion. 

  • Easy Care - Hand wash only, zero crevices for bacteria to lurk and hide. Note: Dishwasher may compromise the vacuum insulation.

  • Highest Quality, BPA Free, Stainless Steel Design - Created by following the most rigorous quality guidelines, by using our insulated stainless steel water bottles you can be 100% sure you and your family are drinking the cleanest, safest drinks possible.

  • This bottle will keep your beverage the same temperature as long as possible,The bottles are perfect for the office, camping ,road trips, hiking, sporting events, use at home and so much more. Take us with you as you make a positive impact and show the world who you are.

  • USE AS a travel mug, coffee cup, beer canister, tea cup and water bottle.Once you fill this tumbler with either tea, coffee, milkshake, soda, lemonade or any other kind of drink. The drink will stay as cold or as hot as the science of thermodynamics will allow, for as many hours as possible.This makes a SAFE, GREEN, HEALTHIER and FLAVOR FREE alternative to plastic bottles and cups, It is efficient, reliable and very practical for everyone.

  • This product is PERFECT FOR students, travelers, bus drivers, truck drivers, teachers, taxi drivers, sailors, party cups and many other people in different fields of work.


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