Sports Vacuum Water Bottle

Sports Vacuum Water Bottle

* Double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated * Two color spray painting on the bottle, including the cap * Customized design available

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Product Details

The Mouth 

This bottle great for drink cold water,hot coffee,pour ice cube,easy for wash.



Inner Lids is food grade PP plastic with food safe silicone loops. outer is #304 stainless steel material.durable for use.


Bottom parts  

Bottom with a silver sticker to protect the vacuum hole.



                          Cap and body match

The body and lid matched very well,leak-proof when you carry it .

Function and characteristic: refrigerate all appropriate, follow one's inclinations

  1. special vortex type air tight tight lid, twist after they are serving a variety of hot and cold drinks, including carbonated drinks such as cola and soda, etc.), outdoor carrying whatever side lay,it won't drip leakage.

  2. The bottle body is made of all stainless steel #304 material, which can't be heated directly by microwave.

Ergonomic design:

  1. Special design twist cover to ensure comfortable and comfortable rotation.

  2. Light weight with a single hand grip.

  3. The bottle is spacious and easy to clean.

  4. Show off the appearance, show the fashion personality.


Do not put the bottle in the microwave to heat.

After loading carbonated drinks, make sure to tighten the lid.

If you shake the bottle strongly, the gas will expand easily. Please pay attention to the spillover when opening the lid.

Do not contact or close to the fire source,so as to avoid melting deformation.

Do not scrub with brushes or hard objects, apply soft sponges or cloth to avoid scratching, and clean with diluted cleaning.

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